Environmental Education

The ESG Wave:
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Attention, Business Leaders! Environmental Education is the Key to Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More and more investors and companies are realizing that corporate responsibility goes beyond creating value; it also requires making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Join our event to help raise environmental awareness and climate action among your employees, empowering them to practice sustainability in their daily lives. We can customize the format and content of the activities based on your needs, allowing your company to create a more positive impact on customers and communities while boosting employee morale and enthusiasm. This not only enhances your corporate image but also earns trust and respect for your business.

Let's collaborate and together create a better, sustainable future for our society and the next generation!

Educators / Parents
Environmental Education


Nurturing Children in Nature: Happy Growth and Effective Learning!

My time outdoors

Nature is so much fun! It's an opportunity for children to learn and connect with nature through practical experiences and exploration. Through nature observation and play, children can learn while having fun and develop curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about the natural world.

Our programs go beyond regular nature and biology classes, providing rich sensory nature experiences. Children can develop skills such as observation, artistic appreciation, logical thinking, and improved descriptive abilities. These skills have a significant impact on their future learning and lives.

Let children explore in nature, discover its beauty, wonders, and mysteries, and create joyful and wonderful childhood memories. We believe that these experiences will be invaluable treasures throughout their lives. Enroll your child in our nature experience courses now!

Environmental Education

Nature Dating: Meeting New Friends and Engaging in Environmental Action!

Nature Speed Dating

Get ready to experience "Nature's Spark" created just for you if you love being close to nature, want to meet new friends, or are seeking true love!

In our carefully arranged dates, you'll join other like-minded singles who share a passion for nature. Together, you'll explore the wonders of the natural world and establish genuine emotional connections. Enjoy the beauty of nature while finding your romantic spark!

It's an unforgettable and meaningful dating experience where you'll also have the opportunity to take environmental action with like-minded friends. Don't stay cooped up at home any longer. Let's create beautiful memories together in the great outdoors!